=””Alcohol and Liver : Too much alcohol consumption can be said to cause some of the rising cases of accidents such as alcohol abuse, rape, murder, quarreling, disunity, aggressive acts, etc This is so because when taken heavily, one can start misbehaving thereby acting in an abnormal way due to the functioning of the brain at that moment. Most people consuming alcohol thinks that it is a better way of socializing, loosening up, relaxing, easing up their sorrows thereby consuming more of it which leads to abnormal function of the brain and automatically makes them act stupidly. Fermented drinks such as beer and other contains higher percentage of alcohol. Much intake of it rather than a controlled drinking can cause acute health problems and has been seen as drug that limits ones thinking ability. Experts says that high intake of alcohol causes inflammation of the liver which are made up of constituents called enzymes. Now this enzymes which does the breakdown of alcohol into chemicals which in turn are further broken down into water and carbon dioxide. The studies on alcohol and liver has exposed lots of oxygen carrying red blood cell related abnormally

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